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The Coves at Fairvue Plantation

Directions from downtown Nashville:
I-65 North to Vietnam Veterans Blvd.
Follow Vietnam Veterans Blvd. approximately 9 miles to Exit 9.
Merge onto US-31/E Johnny Cash Pkwy./Nashville Pike/TN-6N for 4 miles.
Turn right onto Plantation Blvd. into Fairvue Plantation.
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LOT 827sold   
LOT 828Interior / Alley Load5512173
LOT 829sold   
LOT 830sold   
LOT 831sold   
LOT 832Sold   
LOT 833sold   
LOT 887Interior / Front Load7910079
LOT 888Interior / Front Load61123113
LOT 889Interior / Front Load5012693
LOT 890sold   
LOT 891sold   
LOT 892sold   
LOT 893Sold   
LOT 894Sold   
LOT 895Lake / Front Load / Basement6415064
LOT 896Lake / Front Load / Basement5715066
LOT 897Lake / Front Load / Basement66155102
LOT 898Lake / Front Load / Basement6215596
LOT 899sold   
LOT 900Lake / Front Load / Basement5914490
LOT 901sold   
LOT 902Lake / Front Load / Basement5815062
LOT 903Lake / Front Load / Basement5615686
LOT 905Lake / Front Load / Basement61175120
LOT 906Lake / Front Load / Basement5615199
LOT 907Sold   
LOT 908Sold   
LOT 909Sold   
LOT 910sold   
LOT 911Interior / Alley Load9113935
LOT 912sold   
LOT 918sold   
LOT 919sold   
LOT 920sold   
LOT 921sold   
LOT 922sold   
LOT 925sold   
LOT 926sold   
LOT 927sold   
LOT 928sold   
LOT 929Sold   
LOT 930Sold   
LOT 931Sold   
LOT 932Lake / Front Load / Basement6215174
LOT 933Lake / Front Load / Basement4916989
LOT 940Lake / Front Load / Basement5815997
LOT 941Lake / Front Load / Basement7715077
LOT 942Lake / Front Load / Basement5715057
LOT 943Lake lot / Front Load / Basement5315887
LOT 944sold    
LOT 945sold    
LOT 946Interior / Front Load / Basement50175116
LOT 947Sold    
LOT 948sold    
LOT 949Pending    
LOT 950Sold   
LOT 951Sold    
LOT 954Sold    
LOT 955Sold    
LOT 956Sold    
LOT 957Sold